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Jeanne Hunter

A competitive, submission style wrestler who competed in the 1990's and 2020's against some of the best woman wrestlers in the world! 

A Very Special Announcement

To my Dear Friends and Fans,

I have had the pleasure throughout my wrestling career to meet so many fantastic people! Thank you for your confidence in me and the encouragement you gave me that continued to drive me to compete. Naturally a competitive woman, wrestling gave me a wonderful outlet to focus my energy on. It became a very big part of  my life! 

I have traveled to many places I never would have and met some fabulous girls who share the same drive to wrestle as I do. I've  enjoyed all of the letters, gifts, emails and chat messages that my friends and fans have sent to me. I feel honored to know that I had an impact on so many peoples lives.

When I began to wrestle in the early 90's I never thought it would lead to these experiences. I have been on the cover and centerfolds of magazines, in brochures, advertisements, podcasts and am known by people all over the world. It truly amazes me! Really!

Sadly all good things have to come to an end.I've been very fortunate to have had this many years to do what I love and gained a lot of self respect and I'm grateful for that.It hasn't always been easy!

Becasue of a variety of things including my age I have decided to announce my retirement from wrestling. It's hard to say that because in my mind I'm still the same 30 something year old that has a strong drive to compete!  But I have thought long and hard about the reality of it and I would rather end on a strong and happy note!

Thank you again to everyone who believed and still believes in me. I'm always happy to communicate with you and I will still have my website up for sales as long as possible. I would like to say Farewell and I wish you all the best!


Jeanne Hunter XOX

IMPORTANT NOTICE:   As of September 1st my matches will only be sold as downloads.

All videos are on sale! Please add my exciting competitive matches to your collection before I have to take my website down for good. Thank you! XOX

Please Vist my "videos" page for the best real, Competitive, wrestling matches i have done spanning 30 years!!!!!

Wonderful NEWS!!! I am heading over to England this March to wrestle Monica Vixon! Sponsors are needed please! You can contact me at: or send to:
Jeanne Hunter 
2390 Peace Portal Dr. #94
Blaine, WA

... any help will be greatly appreciated!!  XOX


I had the most wonderful time in England! My rematch with Monica was history in the making!! Here we are in the ring before the match discussing our feelings about a rematch after 25 years! This is a must have, exciting, fully competitive match! It is available  on the "VIDEOS" page of my website!!

Monica Vixon vs Jeanne Hunter_Moment_edited.jpg

The time has finally come! I'm off to England tomorrow for my rematch with Monica Vixon! Stay tuned for the video!! 

Monica 5 (3).jpg

My match against Monica Vixon 25 years ago in England! My longest match ever at almost an hour! After a long and extremely tough match, the time was up and it was called a draw. This March we will have our rematch finally! I'm so thrilled for the opportunity to see Monica again and have another match with her after all of these years!  

Chicago 2021

On Sale!!!

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The Chicago tournament


On Sunday, July 25th, four exceptionally strong, beautiful and determined women wrestled to submission! 

These 3 matches are one of a kind! You won't find anything like these anywhere else! Pure, real, competitive woman's wrestling. 


  Three fights summarized by one word.. ''Amazing!'' This download comprises of three amazing matches involving Jeanne, Dakkota, Trisha Black and Becca Jaguar. There are two amazing Jeanne matches, firstly against Trisha who stated on social media beforehand that  she was younger and much stronger than Jeanne and would show Jeanne who was the better woman! The other Jeanne clash comes against established wrestler and performer Dakkota. Dakkota also takes on Becca during which we are treated to a really powerful display and the whooping of one lady in the ring! There's also an image summary of the fight between Trisha and Becca, cut short due to an unfortunate injury retirement. The visual and sound quality are excellent

    Yes, this is real submission wrestling, no false acting and .. pins are involved here. As a connoisseur of real ladies' wrestling, real catfighting and boxing for decades, I have to rank this as the best. We're not talking over glamourized actors here. We are however talking about glamourous ladies who are real women with heart who give their best to win in the ring. There is entertainment throughout, pre-fight interviews with the ladies in dresses and Dakkota in one of her trademark awesome fancy satin shirts. There's honest, post fight comments' made by the ladies.

    For those out there who thought Jeanne would be physically overpowered and overwhelmed after her twenty five year retirement absence and now facing younger ladies, you will be pleasantly surprised!  There are painful submissions achieved in the matches, really determined wrestling. To summarize, these matches have everything.I've watched it so many times in just a couple of days! Please don't miss do need to see these great clashes! I just hope that we see Jeanne in action again in the not too distant future understanding that she'd have needed some respite after these demanding epic matches! So glad our tall blonde gladiator Jeanne from the 1990's is back so loud and proud in this day! How amazing did Jeanne appear in a bikini? You have to see for yourself.  Love this so much, hoping there are more coming Jeanne! Ten out of five stars from me if that's allowed!


   In addition to your “One-on-One” video, I just purchased your recent match with Dakkota in Chicago.  After watching the fight, I must say, Jeanne…you’ve still got it. Wow! 

    You displayed not only the fundamental skills of a winner, but you exhibited the competitiveness, perseverance, mental toughness, and resilience of a girl less than half your age. Very impressive. 

    It didn’t appear as though there was anything fake or scripted.  No artificial moaning or groaning. No jobbing or “selling it.” No suggestive poses or submission holds. Just honest, authentic competition.   Both of you girls were “in it to win it.” The way it should be (in my opinion).   

    You looked fabulous.  Very trim and fit.  I loved your wrestling outfits, especially the red one. You moved well and you fought smart.  

    I noticed that you expertly used breath control to preserve your stamina. You also took some pretty good “bumps.”  But you consistently fought through some real pain…and patiently resisted submitting.  You’re a tough cookie. Well done! 

   Congratulations on your triumphant return to the ring.  You’re a national treasure…that has finally been rediscovered, after all these years.  It’s an honor and a pleasure to have you back.

  One On ONE

1 d.jpg

with Jeanne Hunter

One On One is a 30 minute interview done by beautiful Brooklyn about Jeanne Hunter's wrestling career in the 1990's. Intriguing questions and VIDEO clips from her past matches make this a MUST SEE!


$30 for a download          

$30 + shipping for a DVD

              One On One


"Just wanted to tell you how awesome the film was. Nice production, nice survey of your entire career and you have such a pleasant personality. I thought your humility came through extremely nice as well as your desire to be the best. And I thought you picked the right interviewer. She did a great job getting you to talk about your career. And a nice surprise at the end. Very well done. Best! "

“I just watched your video and I have to say it was wonderful. Then again

anything with you in it is terrific. Was really nice to see you go thru all your

memorable matches with so many different types of opponents. It was very well

done. You sound wonderful Jeanne

I must say you look fantastic, wow what a beautiful and sexy grandmother.

That little fashion show at the end with your swimsuit drove me crazy and it

will drive the rest of your male fans crazy as well. When you introduce yourself

in your match against Jill you look like an absolute Goddess, gorgeous with

beautiful strong figure. As you go thru the chronological order of you matches

you can see your body get stronger as time goes on. Thanks so much Jeanne for taking me down memory lane”

"Thank you for making that wonderful video!! I enjoyed every minute of it!! I loved your great personality and you answered many of the questions I wanted to know about your career! I loved hearing you talk about your matches from the past along with the awesome wrestling clips and lovely photos. This video was very well done! You looked absolutely stunning in your dress and swimsuit. You are such a gorgeous and strong goddess. Perfect figure! I can’t wait to see you back on the mats wrestling again!!! ️

Brooklyn also did a fantastic job interviewing you! "

"A fascinating insight into the early career of one of the top female wrestlers in the world . A beautiful bubbly woman who goes into finite detail about past matches and future matches to come . A must watch video thoroughly enjoyable ."

"ATTENTION AMATEUR WOMEN WRESTLING FANS!!!! One of the greatest women's mat wrestlers of all time Jeanne Hunter sits down with Brooklyn and talks in-depth with her wrestling career which she was on the pinnacle of the business in the late 90"s. The critique of her matches, her strategies of how to be an offensive and defensive wrestler. You can tell by listening to her passion for the business both yesterday and today. I want to compliment Brooklyn on an outstanding job of interviewing you. You both were relaxed and the questions allowed you to explain your style on the mat. You look as beautiful as ever Jeanne. I can't believe it's been over 25 years since you were on the mat in competitive matches. Folks, you're watching a woman who at her peak was on the Mount Rushmore of Amateur Women's wrestler. She is beautiful, kind, thoughtful, and caring. It's a joy going down memory lane. Jeanne was a joy to watch in competitions and now this wonderful lady is a joy to watch on this video and allows you to be in the mindset of a women wrestler. I don't think this has ever happen in the past. Take advantage now of this video.

"One on One" is an informative and entertaining video of one of the best female wrestlers in the 1990s, Jeanne Hunter, interviewed by her friend Brooklyn. This great interactive interview gives you insights into Jeanne's start in wresting and her work with Judell Dulong, her own commentary on some of her famous matches, and her plans for a comeback. The interview is intermixed with pictures and clips from some of her more famous matches, which she discusses her opponents and the contests. Jeanne is still very attractive and has an effervescent personality. The video will keep your attention and leave you wanting to hear and see more from Jeanne Hunter.


For questions about my products contact me!

or write to me at:

Jeanne Hunter

2390 Peace Portal Drive #94

Blaine, WA



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